Shannon Riley – Canyon Lake, Texas

We happened upon Zane and his partner Vicki, by chance/fate. Zane took our call to tell us his property was under contract. We thought, that’s the end of that. But Zane realized he and Vicki had the opportunity to be our realtors. So shortly after that call, so they became, our realtors. Zane and Vicki were awesome. Zane quickly learned that we were different than most couples. See, my husband and I, typically do not stay together when looking at houses/properties. I’d go my way and he’d go his. Zane learned quickly, when he needed to be with me and when he needed to be with my husband, based on property. Who was going to have more questions/comments. Zane and Vicki took us, willingly, from one end of the Hill Country to the other. They always gladly added more houses to the list at the last minute and worked around our schedules. Awesome realtors, people, and friends.