Shannon Riley – Canyon Lake, Texas

We happened upon Vicki and Zane as we were driving around the Hill Country one afternoon, when we called to look at one of there listings. It was under contract! We thought that was the extent of our relationship; that one call, to be told, it was under contract. Zane took our call back to his partner, Vicki. Two days later, we received a call from Vicki, inquiring about the specifics of what we were looking for in a house and area. Little did they know, did we know, that we’d be on an adventure of 50+ homes to find our 1.

Both Vicki and Zane were always very encouraging, patient, and knowledgeable. When we’d get frustrated, they’d get eager. When we’d add houses to our list at the last minute, they’d gladly add and reroute. But most importantly, when we called/texted, they’d answer/respond.

We know it was fate that we found Vicki and Zane Morgan. We’d use them again and again! And we did…they sold our house too! We found our forever realtors and friends.

Brian and Shannon